True Riches

Luke 16:11 If then you have not been faithful in the unrighteous wealth, who will entrust to you the true riches?

True riches.

That has been the phrase in my spirit these past few days. We are approaching Thanksgiving, the holiday where people have a meal and focus (for a little bit at least) on what they’re thankful for.

True riches involves gratitude.

I wrote a blog in the past on some observations I’ve made of grateful people. It was ultimately a challenge to me personally. Daily, I deliberately list things to God that I’m thankful for. I do my best to uplift others and live with integrity. I’m not a petty or bitter person. If it appears that way, be assured a much-needed boundary was drawn. And, I also want to be rich. In earthly treasure would be nice, but that’s not what I mean. As thankful as I am for what God has given me, I want heavenly treasure.

True riches.

What are true riches and what does Luke 16:11 mean? Many commentaries say simply “the graces of the Gospel.” Heavenly blessings, giftings, responsibilities, and authority. Spiritual things. But it starts with being faithful in the carnal.

God has dealt with me on faithfully tithing, giving God my first of everything not just donating after I’ve comfortably spent. And I don’t just mean money. Making Jesus (Yeshua) the center comes when I seek Him first, not after I’ve answered messages and satiated my social media appetite.

I can’t expect to be rich in the Spirit if I’m wasteful, prideful, lazy, critical, touchy, hypocritical, stingy, selfish etc. My life must come up higher. If I’m smiling at your face and saying an unkind word when you leave, I’ll stay broke. If I am full of doubt and unbelief, I’ll stay broke. If I’m selfish and self seeking, I’ll stay broke.

True riches come when I’m rich in my heart and in my actions.

Matthew 5:8 “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

The riches I’m seeking are a pure, strong faith. Powerful, unshakable grace. Wisdom. Discernment. Prophecy (I hesitate to say it because of the responsibility.) Seasoned speech (and knowing when to stay quiet.) Unwavering hope. Diligence in my work and pursuit of God. Loving as God loves me to those around me. Creativity. Generosity. Humility. Meekness.

I sure haven’t arrived. This is a daily quest. But my heart desires the true riches God gives.

It’s easy to judge by appearance, past experience, or feelings. I am choosing to come up higher. I want to be found faithful. I want the blessings the world can’t offer. With everything in my being, I desire more. Greater.

My prayer is you too seek true riches in Christ. Father, help us to be faithful with little so we can be faithful with much. Help us to love others and walk in grace and mercy.

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