The Accordian Lesson

1 John 4:11 Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.

My middle son, who’s almost 10, gets accordian lessons each weekend. The lessons are from a man my children have adopted as their grandfather. And both the man and his wife are full-on grandparents to my boys. They bring food and shower them with gifts. When the elderly gentleman asked my son if he wanted to learn to play the accordian, he said an enthusiastic, “sure!” But after a lesson one day my son asked me a question.

“Mom, am I going to play the accordian when I’m an adult?”

“Well, if you want to”, I replied.

His little brain wheels were turning.

It’s not about the accordian.

My son will have some wonderful memories someday. He has been given the greatest gift a person can give….their time.

Do you want to know if someone loves you, or loves whatever they profess to? It’s simple. They give it their time. Love equals sacrifice, humility, and putting someone else above yourself.

The selfish cannot truly love.

I don’t think my son will ever grow to much of an accordian player. But, he is being taught from a young age what love is. Just about everyone is busy. And sadly, we’re not even called to be busy. We’re called to be fruitful.

Don’t be so busy that you miss the entire purpose of you being here. Love God, love others. Let me assure you, what you put your time and money into is where your heart is. Always.

I pray each of us pauses long enough to hear the still, small voice of God. He might even being asking you to get some accordian lessons.

And it’s not about the accordian. It’s about walking in love. Start looking at those around you and ask God to show you their giftings. Ask Him to reveal to you those that can add value to your life. And especially, inquire prayerfully how you can build up someone else. Not because you have to, or because it’s your job. Because it’s just you, them, God…

…and an accordian. And through it someone’s life will change. Maybe even you.

“Father, help us not to miss the opportunities to build your purposes in the lives of others. Remove distractions, and keep us eternity minded. Amen.”

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